This one’s just a quickie, guys.

You remember that amusing hide-and-go-seek book that our parents bought us for long car rides to keep us quiet? You know, the one with the tall skinny man with glasses and the striped hat. Yeah, well we’re creating our own version of it.

We’ve been having so much fun at the rink through the playoffs, we thought we’d bring it outdoors. And so, with that grand notion cooked up in the digital offices at Leafs TV, we bring you “Where’s Chansler?”

Here’s the idea (it’s pretty simple so you don’t need to take notes… unless you’re really studious).

  • You should probably start by following me on twitter (@chansler)
  • Every game day around lunch time I am going to tweet out a picture of a recognizable landmark in downtown Toronto.
  • It’ll then be up to you to meet me at that landmark…. quickly
  • Whomever finds me first will win a blue-and-white prize pack care of the digital department and Real Sports.

No, you do not need to be a certain age to find me. Or a specific height for that matter. And yes, we have fancy prizes. I guess that’s what happens when you go shopping at Real Sports with your boss when everything’s 85% off… we practically bought out the store. And now we’re giving it away.

What, didn’t I mention that Real Sports is having a massive sale? Oh, well they are. It’s huge. You should probably head on over to the team store located outside Gate 1. Just saying.

So remember:

  1. Follow on twitter
  2. Be ready at lunch time on game days
  3. Find Chansler

It all starts Friday.

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