Science is to academics what baking is to cooking. When you cook, you can add a little of this, a little of that and maybe come up with something interesting. When you bake, there is only following the recipe. IF you want the cookies to look and taste like the cookies in the book…you need to follow the recipe. This kind of rulemaking applies to a lot of science. There is no room to discuss how two negatives make a positive…it is just the rule. Creative people will try and introduce the idea that if you don’t have three apples, and I don’t have three apples, how do we have six apples? And how do you make apple pie if we both don’t have six apples?

TJ Brennan doesn’t worry about negatives. He lives in the positive. In Cleveland to play the Monsters, a place the Marlies struggled with this season, he exuded his usual energy prior to sitting down for an interview, which you can see here on Marlies.ca under #LobbyTalk.

“We have a great bunch of guys, I mean, what you do influences me, like it or not, and what I do influences you, like it or not. It’s true. So it is really both of our responsibilities to provide something positive.” Brennan has thought about this, that  much is clear. He is a thinker. After you know him a while, you begin to think he doesn’t sleep, he just keeps thinking and moving and working out ideas. He is the team’s Las Vegas, open and raring to go, 24/7/365 .

Holding a positive charge is tough. It is maybe the one thing holding back all this solar energy future. Holding that charge until it is needed not just when the sun shines. Someone should study TJ Brennan who held a charge for almost fifteen years.

“It was so cool to be at the Hall of Fame again.” T.J. refers to the recent Season Seat Holder event and his trip when he was ten. “The first time I went I was injured and couldn’t shoot on the goalies. I wanted so bad to shoot on the goalies in the goalies game. I kept that in my mind for a long time. So when the guy said we could go anywhere to meet with the fans, I went right there. People were asking and I just said I get to conquer something I didn’t…get a second chance at it…and then on top of that you get to meet people who are passionate about something you love to do. That was amazing.”

Meeting fans is not on some players every day ‘to do’ list. To be fair, they are human beings like everyone else, some are shy, some are not conversationalists, some are dumbfounded by the attention, some find it awkward to deal with adulation and the unpredictable comments. Then there is T.J. Brennan. Here is a player who is as much amazed by you the fan as you might be by him. That night at the Hall, a fan asked him a how he did ‘this’… play pro hockey, everyday.

“ I just said, What do you mean how do I do this? How do you wait in line to talk to me? How do you get to games on snowy nights? Your part of this, as a fan? It is way more important to the picture. It’s just as hard. I’m honoured by it. That you took the time to talk to me. Wow! That is a huge positive.”

Well, how do you like them apples?


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  • Sara

    TJ was *THE* nicest guy to talk to at the HHOF event. When I came back a second time, hours later, he remembered my name and just started the convo from where we left off. Terrific guy, who needs to stay in Toronto for years to come.

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