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Toronto - Nazem Kadri, Greg Scott, Ryan Hamilton

With the Royal road trip well under way, the Marlies turn to Texas to start stringing together some serious wins.

Houston’s first up. Perhaps it’s a good thing. Toronto was two for two against the Aeros last season. In fact, in their game this time last year Mark Owuya made his first AHL start. After allowing an early goal and perhaps shaking some of the nerves, the Marlies notched six straight tallies. Rookie Matt Frattin potted the overtime winner.

This time around, their meeting comes on a Thursday night with a 8pm […]

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Toronto vs Abbotsford - Mike Zigomanis

It would be the greatest understatement of the season thus far if I simply said last night didn’t end the way the Marlies had hoped.

After a pair of outstanding saves from Ben Scrivens and a goal by Leo Komarov that was waived off, the Marlies must have still felt momentum heading into the third. Unfortunately two goals in three seconds dictated a different outcome.

After a heartbreaking loss, however, I received one of the most reassuring tweets from @CVS521 :

I chuckled.

So back at it for the second against Abbotsford in as many […]

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The Acton name is a familiar one to Leafs fans, but perhaps new to them was the first name last season: Will. Will Acton has been blazing a new trail under that surname ever since he laced them up for his first pro season in Toronto, with the Marlies. He quickly established himself as a consistent two way player and rounded into a reliable centre on Dallas Eakins’ squad. He’s back and looking to improve on AHL season number one; that included a trip to the Calder Cup finals.

Bringing the […]

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Calgary Stampede - Ben Scrivens

I think it’s time for a little off-season update.

After the long run to the Calder Cup finals, the Marlies parted ways and headed back to their respective home towns. For a few, like defenceman Simon Gysbers and hard-nosed forward Will Acton, it meant only a trip up highway 404.

Others, like #feardabeard zealot Jerry D’Amigo, headed south across the border to their States-side home while still more ventured to western Canada, like netminder Ben Scrivens, who most likely drove his Chevy pickup all the way home. Knowing the Spruce Grove, Alberta, […]

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Highlight of the Night: Acton’s Game Winner

Top Tweets:

@kylemcdesign :: Back at one of my favorite places on earth. #GodILoveThisSport #letsgomarlies

@Austin_Ahrens :: At the marlies game with my mom and pete #letsgomarlies

@ReMaxAllStar :: Holy smokes!! @TorontoMarlies have Kadri, Colbourne, Frattin, Zigomanis and Holzer on the PP!

@pbradone7nine :: @TorontoMarlies shaping up to be a battle of the goalies. My wish is to have Jerry OMG’Amigo be the first to light the lamp #letsgomarlies

@thelumberchick :: From row 2 that was a good goal! #letsgomarlies #letsgomarlies #93

@Candice127 :: It makes me sad to see […]

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It has never needed to be written, but has likely existed since the days of the stone tablets.

It’s the silent agreement that brings strangers together, banding them as brothers. It is rarely spoken about, but widely understood. The Bro Code fuels boys nights out, guys getaways and evidently AHL team road trips.

The basics of the code between teammates are no different than that which binds schoolyard pals. The rules don’t change. And as conversation with the Marlies began following their first practice at MasterCard […]

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