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At the Outdoor Game morning skate

The painter Claude Monet, as he progressed in the mental side of his art, began a series of paintings that recorded the same subject at different times of the day. A kind of time lapse before that particular photographic trick was possible. What Monet was doing was illustrating that small changes make you appreciate something a little bit more than you otherwise might. His paintings of Haystacks or Water Lilies are remarkable enough by themselves but next to each other you are able to […]

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When significant distance lays between opponents, the American Hockey League may switch the format of the seven game series from the accustomed 2-2-1-1-1 to a modified 2-3-2. In effect cutting out a trip by giving the lower seeded team three at home.

And that’s where we find ourselves today. Grand Rapids returns home having split the first two games in Toronto and the Griffins now have three straight on home soil ahead of them.

This however is not unfamiliar territory for the Marlies. After a long […]

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Matt Frattin, Joe Colborne and Nazem Kadri celebrate together – Photo courtesy Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

If I had a dollar for every time I was told to look at the bigger picture, I’d be rich.

Especially as the season progresses, it becomes easier and easier to find satisfaction in the now and ever harder to see how all the cogs drive the machine – even the small ones.

This started out as an effort to put into context many of the recent events for […]

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Photo courtesy of Graig Abel / Abel Photography

Seventy-five down, one to go.

The Marlies are guaranteed the second spot in the West regardless of how this game ends. With no disrespect to past teams, the rosters of the past two playoff-bound Marlies squads have been arguably the best since the club left St. John’s. Fitting that they close out the season against the IceCaps.

Ahead of the final contest of the regular season, here are six things to thing about:

Marlies have collected 86 wins in 151 games (two seasons) heading into […]

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Photo courtesy of Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

Photo courtesy of Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

Saturday’s win over the St. John’s IceCaps give the Marlies 89 points on the season. Although the Texas Stars have a game in hand over Toronto, they’re both tied for the conference’s top spot.

Of the 19 Marlies that touched the ice, nine of them were rookies. Pretty fancy, huh? Rookie goalie, rookie defencemen, and even an all-rookie forward line.

And the rookies put on a show. Check it for yourself.

Stuart Percy: Second AHL Regular Season Game

Garret Sparks: First AHL Game

Spencer Abbott: Three AHL Regular […]

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Photo Courtesy of TSG

Here is six things to keep in mind ahead of today’s game:

Marlies have defeated the IceCaps in three of four meetings this season
Spencer Abbott has collected a point in each of the past two games and leads all Marlies rookies with 22 points this season
The Marlies have only four wins over the past 15 games and presently hold 8th place in the Western Conference
The IceCaps have had only a pair of wins over the past eight games and rank 14th in the Eastern Conference
The Toronto powerplay […]

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