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It’s a seven game series and putting a team away for four games is no simple feat.

Those sentiments were shared by veteran defenceman Mike Komisarek following practice on Thursday, one day ahead of game four. Although he wasn’t part of the Marlies squad that fell in the finals last season, the blue liner knows the feeling all too well. As part of the 2003 Hamilton team, Komisarek advanced to the cup finals. The Bulldogs took the series the distance, but in the end they were shutout in game seven and watched […]

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When significant distance lays between opponents, the American Hockey League may switch the format of the seven game series from the accustomed 2-2-1-1-1 to a modified 2-3-2. In effect cutting out a trip by giving the lower seeded team three at home.

And that’s where we find ourselves today. Grand Rapids returns home having split the first two games in Toronto and the Griffins now have three straight on home soil ahead of them.

This however is not unfamiliar territory for the Marlies. After a long […]

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Matt Frattin, Joe Colborne and Nazem Kadri celebrate together – Photo courtesy Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

If I had a dollar for every time I was told to look at the bigger picture, I’d be rich.

Especially as the season progresses, it becomes easier and easier to find satisfaction in the now and ever harder to see how all the cogs drive the machine – even the small ones.

This started out as an effort to put into context many of the recent events for […]

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Even in the last game of the regular season, the Marlies had a 1st to celebrate. Tyler Biggs recorded his 1st AHL/Pro goal with the 1st tally of the game vs St. John’s. Biggs collected 26 this past season with the Generals in the OHL and had 9 with Miami of Ohio one year before in the NCAA. The former Maple Leaf’s 1st round pick became the 9th Marlie player this season to record his 1st AHL goal in the 2012-2013 campaign. Congrats, Tyler!


Looking back on the year that […]

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Photo courtesy of Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

Yes, the Marlies play in Peoria.
Yes, I have six things to share with you ahead of the game.
Yes, one will involve a bus reference.

Why not get it out of the way early: since the captain took the cab ride to Air Canada Centre (extending his NHL stint by playing with the Leafs on Saturday night) he will not be joining the Marlies on their Sunday bus trip to Peoria
Toronto’s win over Milwaukee marked the seventh consecutive game in which the club has […]

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Photo courtesy Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

Tonight’s game is big for a lot of reasons, so hear are six points to keep in mind:

With a victory, the Marlies win streak could be extended to six – a feat that has not been accomplished since March 30 – April 8 last season
A Toronto win and a Grand Rapids loss would move the Marlies into the conference’s second spot
Marlies are without smooth skating defenceman Jake Gardiner and captain Ryan Hamilton, as both have been recalled to the Maple Leafs
Joining the Marlies […]

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