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Toronto vs Rochester - Nicolas Deschamps, Mike Zigomanis

I have always found interest in the ebbs and flows of a season. The way the same group of 20 men can climb to such highs and no sooner be forced to face what at times seems to be a complete turn of luck.

Even more intriguing than the ritualistic ups and downs are the nuances of the game completely out of the control of those who make up the team.

Miles traveled, back heavy schedules, hyperactive three-in-three weekends and long rest periods all add to the drama of a […]

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Toronto vs Rochester - Nazem Kadri

It has been said by management and coach alike from just about any team you wish to choose, they always look for their key prospects to dominate at the AHL level.

Nazem Kadri has 17 points in 19 games for the Marlies.

Of those 17, 13 came in an effort to set up his teammates for the tally. But from the looks of his two goals Saturday, Kadri is quite comfortable putting them in the net himself.

Part of me wants to write more, but I realize that all […]

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Oh these three-in-three weekends.

I don’t know how the players do it. But year after year they always manage. Far be it from me to be the guy complaining!

It’s game two of three straight for the Toronto team, who is coming off a victory in Rochester on Friday. Both the Americans and the Marlies travel to Toronto through the night in preparation for a Saturday night showdown at Ricoh Coliseum.

So far in their season long series the Marlies have collected a victory in both their home building and on […]

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Toronto vs Rochester - Ben Scrivens

Friday will mark the latest battle in the Toronto and Rochester series. Heading into the game the two teams are tied with 19pts; the Americans have a slight advantage with a game in hand. Both vie for the eighth spot in the Western Conference.

In years past the end of November isn’t usually the time to start watching the standings – and trust me, I’m not trying to start anything here – but recently the league has shows a parody and competition level that calls to mind the NHL’s […]

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Toronto vs Rochester - Jerry D'Amigo

You’ve waited long enough, you may have the hockey season back now.

We are all just a little spoiled, don’t you think? We were able to root for a team right through the middle of June. That said, the symptoms associated with mid-August hockey withdrawal didn’t seem any less torturous. Making us all that much more appreciative that hockey is back at Ricoh.

This should make for a fun season.

The Marlies start right where they finished last season; at home. With the opening of the 2012/13 season, Toronto will play host to […]

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Toronto v Hamilton - Scott

So the doctor walks into the examination room with a concerned look on his face and says “I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news; which should I start with?”

The Good News:

The Toronto Marlies announced their five and a half secured home dates for the upcoming 2012/13 season.

Five and a half, you say?

For the second straight season the Marlies will invade Air Canada Centre ice for their annual Boxing Day game. It’s not technically at home, but Ricoh regulars don’t exactly have to travel all that far – and […]

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