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As the Marlies continue their tour of the Eastern Conference, their next stop is the home of the Penguins.

Now, before everyone gets tongue-tied, I’ll help you out with the town name. The Penguins reside almost right in between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia; spelled Wilkes-Barre you’ll want to pronounce it WILLKS-BAR. The Scranton on the end honours the town 30 minutes away (made popular over recent times by The Office).

Now enough with the geography lesson, let’s switch to math.

Having lost their past two on the road, the Marlies visit Wilkes-Barre […]

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Anyone can read a stat sheet.

Living in Toronto has taught me that much.

Likewise I have also learned that anyone can tell the time, but only few can fix a watch.

I always found it interesting that goals and assists were both worth one point on the stats sheet. Don’t get me wrong, it did me wonders when playing hockey. I could put up three points in a game on secondary assists alone. Though when analyzing a team’s success – especially as they venture further down the playoff road – a goal […]

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