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After a first round sweep of the Western Conference Quarter Finals, here is a little Marlies info to wet your whistle before round 2.


Toronto’s 3-2 overtime win in-game 3 of the 1st round vs Rochester provided them with a sweep over the Americans in the first round, for the second straight post-season. Marlies forward Will Acton was the hero scoring¬† at the 5:14 mark of the 20 minute extra frame. When it was all said and done, Toronto had 14 skaters pick up at least a point in the opening […]

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Photo courtesy Graig Abel / Abel Images

I feel like a modern day Paul Revere clad in a blue and white jersey running around the city proclaiming “the Playoffs are coming!”

Alas, it’s true. The 2013 Calder Cup Playoffs have finally arrived and the Toronto Marlies are set to kick them off the exact same way they did last year – a first round meeting with Rochester.

Here are six things to keep in mind ahead of today’s game:

The last two seasons have seen the Marlies meet the Amerks 23 times (20 […]

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Photo courtesy of Christian Bonin / TSG Photo

With four games to go in the regular season and playoffs looming, Tuesday’s matchup between the Marlies and Barons brings back memories of the 2012 Western Conference Finals. Oddly enough though, as they way things stand at the moment, it may better reflect the opening round of the 2013 post-season.

Toronto sits in second and although a run for the top spot is possible, eyes right now are on fending off the Griffins only one point behind. Oklahoma City sits seventh. The Barons […]

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With the returning of the National Hockey League to regular play, my favourite aspect of the AHL is starting to shine through once again. The development of first-year players.

That’s not to say it was non-existent during the first part of the season – the blooming of Spencer Abbott is a tremendous example of such – but with the holes that were left by players moving up top to the Leafs, the prominence of roles and minutes played by rookies has increased. With all eyes […]

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At what point of the season does it become acceptable to start scoreboard watching? Is there an actual threshold we cross in which it’s alright to start calculating the number of games left and minimal amount of wins needed to make it into the post season?

The Marlies, who lead the Western Conference on New Year’s Eve, now find themselves ten points back of first and relegated to sixth in the West and on the unfavourable end of a three game losing streak. If the season ended today, Toronto […]

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Is it just me, or did these next few games get a whole lot more important?

The Marlies have been on a monumental run, the club has collected at least a point in ten straight games and a win in eight of those. With the Toronto club on the heels of three straight sellout crowds, they now head to the road for a half dozen contests as the Ricoh ice surface becomes submerged and the boat show floats in. With eyes on so many of the talents that comprise […]

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