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Toronto vs St. John

With the NHL on its way back, bringing with it the regular talk of league parity, it’s incredible to see how the increased levels of competition have trickled down to the AHL levels.

Sure, it makes the season more fun… but it also must take its toll on the heart of a head coach.

The Marlies have been one of the league’s hottest teams since before Christmas. Their 7-1-1-1 record over the past ten is the second best in the league. Yet still the dogfight continues for the conference’s top […]

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Is it just me, or did these next few games get a whole lot more important?

The Marlies have been on a monumental run, the club has collected at least a point in ten straight games and a win in eight of those. With the Toronto club on the heels of three straight sellout crowds, they now head to the road for a half dozen contests as the Ricoh ice surface becomes submerged and the boat show floats in. With eyes on so many of the talents that comprise […]

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We all have new year’s resolutions, right?

Even if we don’t write them down or announce them in front of a group, I’m sure we all make them. Perhaps it’s buying a house, getting a promotion, hitting the gym or something as simple as trying one thing new. I think we all make them.

If I were to draw up the Marlies resolution for the new year it would look something like this:

Don’t Change a Thing!

The Toronto club sits atop of the Western Conference, tied with Charlotte but holding three […]

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This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. And most brilliant.

EA Sports has decided to do a weekly AHL Sim of the Week, the most recent was everyone’s favourite AHL rivalry; Hamilton vs Toronto. And I’d like to start out by saying this that even the computers know that Toronto would beat their provincial adversary.

The game took place at Copps Coliseum in front of what appears to be a sellout crowd (not too different than the Bulldog’s impressive attendance numbers this season). Opening the […]

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In my five seasons covering the Marlies, I don’t think I have ever seen anything that came close to today’s game versus Hamilton.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some crazy things in my time.

There was the running over of James Reimer and subsequent four goal third period to lead the Marlies past the Senators in November 2009. I also remember a nutty third period against the Grand Rapids Griffins, one that saw more penalty minutes in the final ten minutes than some teams see in a month.

But […]

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Flying high after a big win in front of a capacity crowd, the Toronto Marlies will look to do it all again on Sunday as the Lake Erie Monsters come to town. That’s makes back to back divisional games for the Toronto team.

It seems like almost every wild game I can remember the Marlies being involved in happened against Lake Erie. There was one night in Cleveland where the Marlies seemingly scored although it was never recognized by the officials, not that I blame them; the puck went right through […]

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