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For the third time in eight days the Toronto Marlies go toe to toe with Hamilton, instilling in the 40 on the ice and the countless watching that the AHL battle of Ontario is alive and well.

I feel like I should parade around the ring holding a sign with a giant ‘3’ painted in bold lettering. After all, the referee’s whistle to start the game is close enough to the ringing of the bell.

The Marlies make their second trip to Hamilton in this fledgling season, accounting for the only games […]

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I always enjoyed A Christmas Carol.

Through the course of the night Scrooge is taken once to see what he was, once to look upon what he is, and one more time to peek in on what he will become.

Now, to be fair, I’ve only seen Mickey’s Christmas Carol with Jiminy Cricket and Scrooge McDuck; I assume the two are along the same premise.

As night falls on the final day of the draft, the Maple Leafs leave Pittsburgh with six new prospects and James van Riemsdyk (who saw that coming). Of […]

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Highlight of the Night: Blacker’s First Pro Goal


Top Tweets:

@GOLEAFSGO9317 :: So PROUD @JBlacker91 of My @TorontoMarlies cause he got his 1st career goal,had a BEAUTY hit too,this kids gonna be Special GO #Marlies GO

@justntime33 :: Congrats @JBlacker91 on your first pro goal many more to come #sickprospect #Leafs #Marlies

@corecorina :: Yay!! I just did human slingshot bowling at the @TorontoMarlies game with @banchezmo hahaha

@MarkUKLeaf :: Scrivens doing his best work to keep #Marlies up 2-1 in the 2nd period. #LetsGoMarlies

@Swainer13 :: Scrivens with a HUGE save. #letsgomarlies

@kylaalyk :: #letsgomarlies loving […]

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