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It has been a very busy week and the Marlies have not yet reached game day, so buckle up for a packed full edition of the latest blog!
For the second straight season, both coach Dallas Eakins and Captain Ryan Hamilton will represent the Toronto Marlies on the Western Conference All-Star squad. This honour, announced today, was also bestowed on defenceman Mike Kostka. While currently at Toronto Maple Leaf camp and missing time in the AHL, Kostka rests 3rd in the league when tallying points from a defenceman and would lead […]

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Toronto vs Hamilton - Dallas Eakins

The AHL announced officially on Sunday that Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins will represent the team as head coach of Team West at the upcoming All-Star Game in Providence, Rhode Island.

It’s been quite the year for the Marlies bench boss who lead his team to a division championship, was the first Maple Leafs affiliate coach to bring the team to an appearance in the finals in 20 years, and became both the Marlies all-time leader in wins as a coach as well as securing the title among all […]

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Toronto vs Grand Rapids - Will Acton

I never really liked road games.

I understand they’re necessary but there’s nothing that can compare to rolling into a familiar rink, getting some fresh popcorn and taking in some afternoon puck. However, if you were to look outside my window right now you would get why I’m thankful the Marlies are closing out 2012 in Grand Rapids.

Yepp, I said it. Closing out 2012. It’s the last game for the Marlies in the calendar year.

I’m almost sad to see it go. Think of all the incredible things that 2012 […]

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Toronto vs Oklahoma City - Dallas Eakins

On Friday Dallas Eakins earned his 124th victory as head coach of the Toronto Marlies surpassing Greg Gilbert in all-time wins as the team’s bench boss.


Eakins turned around a league-worst penalty kill into a three-year contender for number one. He lead the Marlies to their very first Calder Cup appearance. And most important, he has done so with a young group of men. Many of whom were handpicked by management in the draft to be formed into the Maple Leafs of the […]

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NHL Rookie Tournament - Korbinian Holzer

Hard work pays off.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t just make that up. Those words have proven true for long before even I was born.

If you were sitting beside me as I work away on this latest post, your eyes couldn’t help but catch sight of the large display of sports DVDs sitting on my shelf. The collection spans fictional movies with Hollywood A-listers cast in lead roles, an assortment of based-on-true stories – again with Hollywood A-listers cast in lead roles, as well as a […]

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Dallas Eakins

The American Hockey League is a funny spot for a coach.

Thursday’s news of Lake Erie bench boss David Quinn moving on up to join NHL affiliate Colorado as an assistant makes the Monsters the ninth team to change head coaches in the off-season. That is also before taking into consideration the movement of Norfolk coach Jon Cooper, who faces the very real possibility of a completely new roster come fall as Tampa officially announced an affiliation change away from the reigning Calder Cup champions.

So […]

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