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Biggs/Percy - Stuart Percy

Not staying long, just wanted to leave you folks with the latest in the Biggs/Percy series. The camera tags along through an entire Mississauga Steelheads game day as head coach James Boyd speaks on Percy’s leadership style; the team squares off against an offensive Erie top line including 15 year old Connor McDavid; and Stuart speaks of what the poppy means to him.


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Toronto Marlies - Matt Finn and Connor Brown

The basis of almost every great movie is friendship.

Think of it: Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future; Buzz and Woody in Toy Story; Stanley Ipkiss and Milo in The Mask; The Fantastic Four; the whole clan in The Goonies – I could go at this for hours.

When asked to write short stories in elementary school, I always cast my best friends in leading roles. All of us drove around in Dodge Vipers and solved cottage mysteries (listen, I never said they were any good). The idea ...

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