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This one’s just a quickie, guys.

You remember that amusing hide-and-go-seek book that our parents bought us for long car rides to keep us quiet? You know, the one with the tall skinny man with glasses and the striped hat. Yeah, well we’re creating our own version of it.

We’ve been having so much fun at the rink through the playoffs, we thought we’d bring it outdoors. And so, with that grand notion cooked up in the digital offices at Leafs TV, we bring you “Where’s ...

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Marlies Bench

Anyone can read a stat sheet.

Living in Toronto has taught me that much.

Likewise I have also learned that anyone can tell the time, but only few can fix a watch.

I always found it interesting that goals and assists were both worth one point on the stats sheet. Don’t get me wrong, it did me wonders when playing hockey. I could put up three points in a game on secondary assists alone. Though when analyzing a team’s success – especially as they venture further down the playoff road – a goal ...

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Marlies Heat Scrum

When a club is absolutely terrible while either up or down a man, is it really fair to refer to it as a ‘special’ team?

In one playoff game during the 2008 Western Conference Finals, the Marlies allowed four powerplay goals against. Not that special at all.

During that 2008 glory run the penalty kill limped along at a 77.3% kill rate. The powerplay didn’t help much, converting on only 11.4% of the chances. It is now a little more apparent why it took the full 14 ...

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I’ve seen some pretty good magicians in my day. Many that left me shaking my head when somehow they pull off guessing a card I picked out “randomly” from the center of a deck. Not even David Copperfield could work his magic to decide a playoff opponent for the Toronto Marlies right now, however. Much like your uncle’s card tricks, you could take several guesses as to what team Toronto would face in the first round of the 2012 Calder Cup playoffs and still not get it correct. With the ...

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