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The world of sports is an ocean full of great stories.

Matt Frattin goes down with an unfortunate injury the secure the advancement to the Calder Cup Finals for his team, doesn’t play again for nearly six months and then scores a pair of goals in his return. With all the focus once again turning on the offensive output of Nazem Kadri, the talented forward silences his critics with 10 points in four games. Paul Ranger takes a leave from the game for almost three years, returns as part […]

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It would be the greatest understatement of the season thus far if I simply said last night didn’t end the way the Marlies had hoped.

After a pair of outstanding saves from Ben Scrivens and a goal by Leo Komarov that was waived off, the Marlies must have still felt momentum heading into the third. Unfortunately two goals in three seconds dictated a different outcome.

After a heartbreaking loss, however, I received one of the most reassuring tweets from @CVS521 :

I chuckled.

So back at it for the second against Abbotsford in as many […]

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When I think of the Abbotsford Heat, do you want to know what I think of?

I recall three straight seasons the Marlies closed out against their west coast rival, two without a hope of the post-season.

I remember Greg Scott notching his his first career hat-trick in Abbotsford.

Above all, I am taken back to the very moment the Marlies new they were heading to the conference finals; having scored an overtime goal to take their fourth straight against the Heat. In a recent chat with Mike Zigomanis, the goal scorer, he […]

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The American Hockey League is pleased to announce video review.

Hold off on the bronx cheer.

Although the wheels had been in motion for some time to include the advanced puck surveillance in AHL arenas, certainly the publicity garnered from the now infamous inability to rewind game three’s overtime winner in the Calder Cup finals helped solidify the league’s fast forward thinking.

If you are blessed with shortness of memory, the Marlies were plummeted into a 3-0 series deficit after a fluke goal scored by Norfolk defenceman Mike Kostka. A puck sent into […]

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As we head into the Marlies opening game of the second round of Calder Cup playoff action against the Abbotsford Heat, I thought it was a good time to play a little game called ‘When’s the Last Time.’

It’s pretty simple, actually. I will rhetorically ask a question starting with ‘when’s the last time…’ and then post the answer. There’s really nothing to it. And since – much like a grade 11 math textbook – the answer is provided for your reading pleasure, it means all of […]

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Highlight of the Night: Acton’s Game Winner

Top Tweets:

@kylemcdesign :: Back at one of my favorite places on earth. #GodILoveThisSport #letsgomarlies

@Austin_Ahrens :: At the marlies game with my mom and pete #letsgomarlies

@ReMaxAllStar :: Holy smokes!! @TorontoMarlies have Kadri, Colbourne, Frattin, Zigomanis and Holzer on the PP!

@pbradone7nine :: @TorontoMarlies shaping up to be a battle of the goalies. My wish is to have Jerry OMG’Amigo be the first to light the lamp #letsgomarlies

@thelumberchick :: From row 2 that was a good goal! #letsgomarlies #letsgomarlies #93

@Candice127 :: It makes me sad to see […]

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