In commemoration news, a splinter news category if ever there was one, the Los Angeles aqueduct turned a hundred years old this year. This piece of remarkable engineering moved water over the desert to the folks in L.A., who turned an outpost into one of America’s most incredible cities. Moving resources around to create strength and viability is a precarious game. It likely means you are also weakening the place you are moving that abundance from.

“I didn’t see a problem with it. You take the pass on your backhand. Not really a big deal.” Josh Leivo agreed to take his creativity with the puck to his off side of the ice and didn’t disappoint. There are many in this game that use a move of resources as an excuse. They spend time dissecting each microsecond to explain their performance or lack of it. Here’s the thing. Leivo hasn’t experienced any need for excuses.

“I just liked getting to the rink. I liked to play. I played on the lake at my grandparents, I played in the yard. If I wasn’t playing I wanted to go play.” There you have a quote from Leivo that explains why he was excited about leaving home to go live in someone else’s house (“great people, they were just amazing’) and play junior hockey for Sudbury. It was all a part of making sure his resources were put to use in the best location possible.

Here with the Marlies, Head Coach Steve Spott never hesitated turning on the other tap with Leivo. He had seen him play and knew he had the skill.

“Josh is doing a great job of losing those junior hockey mistakes and owning his defensive effort.” Ample evidence is given in the second Charlotte contest as Leivo was out during the last minute chewing on minutes like kids on cookies.

“It feels good that they have the confidence to put me out in that situation.” Maybe running around owning traffic is a product of Leivo renting the BIX bikes with his roommates zooming about Toronto.

“Yep we even ring the bells.”

When the water comes out of the tap in Los Angeles not many folks think of where it came from. When Leivo turns on the tap from either side of the ice, Marlie fans won’t have to think about it either. They’ll know what to do.

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