Highlight of the Night: Orr Flattens Griffin


Top Tweets:

@LeafsgirlSteph :: #LetsGoMarlies I wanna hear folks from Ricoh Colliseum at home

@discoposse :: First blood by Kadri. @TorontoMarlies at 1:04. Sweet!

@JE_Iannicello :: Nazem says ‘CALL ME UP!’ as he scores quickly in the first! 1-0 #Marlies

@ReMaxAllStar :: Colton Orr adds some spice to the game by taking out a couple of Griffins! #letsgomarlies

@MarliesSpartan :: Grand rapids scores and takes the lead 2-1 over the #Marlies. Time to dig deep for the W. #letsgomarlies

@cookwithnikki :: So many penalties?!? Nooooooo!!!!! The @TorontoMarlies need their guys ...

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Highlight of the Night: Hamilton’s 20th of the Season


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@JulieEms27 :: At the Marlies Game! Let’s Go Marlies Let’s Go! St.Johns is going down

@wojtek_3x20pl :: Let’s go #Marlies! greetings from Poland!

@NadineStrong :: At the game now. Seats along the glass. AWESOME!!!!

@rowdy_busch18 :: 1-0 badguys in a game laking pace so far. So many whistles in the first 3 minutes. #LetsGoMarlies

@Kat2323x :: Ha @Matt_Frattin saying he wouldn’t want to get into a fight with Jay Rosehill? #LoveJay #20Questions #Marlies

@OakleyInc :: Captain Ryan Hamilton will have 30 by seasons end ...

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Highlight of the Night: Marlies vs Bulldogs Line Brawl


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@iamcunhaa :: marlies game with the boys! #letsgomarlies

@NeilAnthonyLive :: Beauty goal by Dupuis @torontomarlies up 2-0 over the Bulldogs #letsgomarlies

@E_Freeds :: Aulie v Henry was teased but D’Amigo v Schultz the main event. Schultz is tougher when Neuber ain’t in the lineup #Marlies

@AnthonyStelll :: I like this French connection line for the #Marlies Dupuis-Deschamps (Laval-Delson)

@blueyed7 :: Note to self: I am banned from going to the @TorontoMarlies vs Bulldogs games. They beat them when I’m not there

@cookwithnikki :: The gloves keep ...

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Highlight of the Night: Blacker’s First Pro Goal


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@GOLEAFSGO9317 :: So PROUD @JBlacker91 of My @TorontoMarlies cause he got his 1st career goal,had a BEAUTY hit too,this kids gonna be Special GO #Marlies GO

@justntime33 :: Congrats @JBlacker91 on your first pro goal many more to come #sickprospect #Leafs #Marlies

@corecorina :: Yay!! I just did human slingshot bowling at the @TorontoMarlies game with @banchezmo hahaha

@MarkUKLeaf :: Scrivens doing his best work to keep #Marlies up 2-1 in the 2nd period. #LetsGoMarlies

@Swainer13 :: Scrivens with a HUGE save. #letsgomarlies

@kylaalyk :: #letsgomarlies loving ...

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It was the return trip to Hamilton on January 27th that offered a true chance for reflection on what was an experience of a lifetime: being part of the 1st Canadian AHL outdoor classic game. Nearly one week prior it was a bus taking the Toronto Marlies to Ivor Wynne stadium, rather than Copps Coliseum and although the battle of Ontario in the American Hockey League never gets old, outside of a playoff series the pinnacle may have been reached on a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Growing up a small town country ...

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Highlight of the Night: Acton’s Game Winner

Top Tweets:

@kylemcdesign :: Back at one of my favorite places on earth. #GodILoveThisSport #letsgomarlies

@Austin_Ahrens :: At the marlies game with my mom and pete #letsgomarlies

@ReMaxAllStar :: Holy smokes!! @TorontoMarlies have Kadri, Colbourne, Frattin, Zigomanis and Holzer on the PP!

@pbradone7nine :: @TorontoMarlies shaping up to be a battle of the goalies. My wish is to have Jerry OMG’Amigo be the first to light the lamp #letsgomarlies

@thelumberchick :: From row 2 that was a good goal! #letsgomarlies #letsgomarlies #93

@Candice127 :: It makes me sad to see ...

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