Highlight of the Night: Kyle Neuber’s First AHL Goal

Top Tweets:

@Tommysobe: #Marlies fans, thanks for supporting the team in T.O. Let’s support in the East! #letsgomarlies

@NikkiiSue: #marlies have won the two games I’ve seen them play so far, hopefully they make it 3 tonight. #letsgomarlies

@radnl: Got last minute ticks to the #Marlies and #icecaps. Loving seeing the #Marlies now if they could just score a couple more and win

@TaraS1589: #letsgomarlies!!! I’m tweeting as loud as I can. Wish I was there.

@shuteyy: Owuya, is sick, neuber’s flow, first goal and celly was even ...

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It all started with a challenge.

You remember Monika with a K, right? 

It was a showdown between her and I; mono y mono. Which one of us could meet more of Leafs Nation.

There was a catch though, there always is.

Monika would have Air Canada Centre and all of its 19,000 fans at her disposal. I would be allotted Ricoh Coliseum.

And just like that, Meet Me at the Marlies began.

I remember once being told that the reason someone ...

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It has never needed to be written, but has likely existed since the days of the stone tablets.

It’s the silent agreement that brings strangers together, banding them as brothers. It is rarely spoken about, but widely understood. The Bro Code fuels boys nights out, guys getaways and evidently AHL team road trips.

The basics of the code between teammates are no different than that which binds schoolyard pals. The rules don’t change. And as conversation with the Marlies began following their first practice at MasterCard ...

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It’s that time of year.

We all start becoming a little extra careful.

We begin monitoring our sleep, making sure to get the full eight hours; we take in more than the required liquids on a daily basis; and start protecting ourselves a little better when we head into the corners to retrieve a loose puck.

It’s November, the injury bug is running rampant and the Marlies have not been spared.

Matt Lashoff is recovering at home in Toronto after being the recipient of ...

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New blog, same slogan: “EVERY GAME IS A TRYOUT”

What better way to launch the new blog than with good news. Matt Frattin’s been recalled by the Maple Leafs after a two goal outing with the Marlies on Sunday. Given the Marlies are in the middle of an 18-day roadie, it was the team bus that taxied Frattin to the airport with a whole hockey team to wish him luck.

The cheers as he walks up the aisle are my favourite. Check it out.

Official Press Release

Brian Burke, President and General Manager ...

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Kenny Ryan is Superman.

I’m sure of it.

Ryan doesn’t wear glasses, neither does Superman. Like the DC Comics character, Ryan’s identity is made up of dual first names. And, as we all witnessed during the Leafs opening game of preseason, Ryan fears not jumping in front of a speeding bullet (check the 3:30 mark of the night’s Game in Six).

When Ryan was assigned to the Toronto Marlies on Sunday he was sent with a positive message; he had established his identity. Ryan had asserted his hardworking nature, built over years of ...

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