As we head into the Marlies opening game of the second round of Calder Cup playoff action against the Abbotsford Heat, I thought it was a good time to play a little game called ‘When’s the Last Time.’

It’s pretty simple, actually. I will rhetorically ask a question starting with ‘when’s the last time…’ and then post the answer. There’s really nothing to it. And since – much like a grade 11 math textbook – the answer is provided for your reading pleasure, it means all of ...

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As broadcasters sometimes we are guilty of re-hashing points that may have already stood out to the fans taking in our banter. As you may have guessed by the title of this blog, I intend to bring up obvious points about the Marlies first round sweep of the Rochester Americans. The difference is, this time I am giving you advanced notice and it is very worthwhile to take a look back at how Toronto moved through the conference quarter finals in historical fashion.

Clutch Scoring

The Marlies proved that the regular season ...

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Looking back on a fantastic regular season campaign during the 2011-2012 season for the Toronto Marlies, here are a list of 76 positive points (one for every game played) for the year in which the team recorded 96 in the standings.

In no particular order…

1. Finished as North Division Champions

2. Finished with the lowest goals against in the AHL with 175

3. Gave themselves the chance to finish first in the conference (missed by only 4 pts)

4. 44 win season most since 07-08 when that club recorded 50 (also finished 2nd in ...

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I’ve seen some pretty good magicians in my day. Many that left me shaking my head when somehow they pull off guessing a card I picked out “randomly” from the center of a deck. Not even David Copperfield could work his magic to decide a playoff opponent for the Toronto Marlies right now, however. Much like your uncle’s card tricks, you could take several guesses as to what team Toronto would face in the first round of the 2012 Calder Cup playoffs and still not get it correct. With the ...

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Would you look at that. Just look at it.

Season number seven is coming to a close.

It didn’t hit me until sometime between my third and fourth coffee this morning. An early trip to Pearson to see the team off as they depart for Abbotsford on their final regular season road trip had my mind silently reviewing the year as my eyes inspected their lids on the ride back.

Two-hundred and eight thousand fans. Two hundred and thirteen goals for. Seventy-four games and forty-four ...

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What do the playoffs mean to you?

Having grown up only able to attend a single Leafs game, I was never able to witness a victory (or loss for that matter) live during their runs to the conference finals and semi-finals through the 90’s and the season’s prior to the lockout.

From a Marlies perspective, the club last made the post-season in 2009 – my first year following the club – where as the division’s bottom seed they played first-placed Manitoba, a series they’d lose in ...

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