Toronto vs St. John

With the NHL on its way back, bringing with it the regular talk of league parity, it’s incredible to see how the increased levels of competition have trickled down to the AHL levels.

Sure, it makes the season more fun… but it also must take its toll on the heart of a head coach.

The Marlies have been one of the league’s hottest teams since before Christmas. Their 7-1-1-1 record over the past ten is the second best in the league. Yet still the dogfight continues for the conference’s top […]

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Picture by TSG Photo

Picture by TSG Photo

Want to know the best part of the Marlies game being snowed out on Friday forcing the team to stay an extra day and play a rescheduled Sunday game? There’s not much to change for the Saturday preview.

Catch the preview originally intended for Friday, but equally applicable for Saturday.

We’ve all wondered the same thing and, without request nor anticipation, it seems January (11th) 12th is the day to answer. With the imminent return of the NHL, how will the Toronto Marlies fare?

After suffering a low scoring […]

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It is an all Canadian week in the AHL for the Marlies, so break out your maple syrup and enjoy the latest edition of the Pre Game Meal!

It is always more fun to look at events in life in a positive manner and so, I choose to do so with the Marlies entering play in St. John’s off a loss to Hamilton. Toronto had played 10 games without a regulation loss prior to Tuesday night and in those 10 games, collected 8 wins and 18 of a possible 20 points. […]

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Toronto vs Hamilton - Ryan Hamilton

Is it just me, or did these next few games get a whole lot more important?

The Marlies have been on a monumental run, the club has collected at least a point in ten straight games and a win in eight of those. With the Toronto club on the heels of three straight sellout crowds, they now head to the road for a half dozen contests as the Ricoh ice surface becomes submerged and the boat show floats in. With eyes on so many of the talents that comprise […]

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Toronto vs Rockford - Ben Scrivens, Greg McKegg, Korbinian Holzer

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I’ve rolled this around time and time again. Not because I have any specific affinity for the fowl, but rather because like any other formula it can be applied over and over to like situations. What drives a player out of a slump, a timely goal which changes his mindset; or a change in mindset leading to a timely goal?

What has created the Marlies movement in Toronto? Has increased attendance lead to improved […]

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Toronto vs Hamilton

We all have new year’s resolutions, right?

Even if we don’t write them down or announce them in front of a group, I’m sure we all make them. Perhaps it’s buying a house, getting a promotion, hitting the gym or something as simple as trying one thing new. I think we all make them.

If I were to draw up the Marlies resolution for the new year it would look something like this:

Don’t Change a Thing!

The Toronto club sits atop of the Western Conference, tied with Charlotte but holding three […]

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