The spring of 2008 does not seem that long ago. It was one that saw the Kitchener Rangers host the Memorial cup in the 90th anniversary year of that CHL trophy.  The Rangers were OHL Champions, going in the front door and hoping for a chance to capture junior hockey’s most coveted prize. As fate would have it, the Rangers would make it to the final, only to lose to the Spokane Chiefs. Nazem Kadri went the distance that season with the Rangers and after a breakout year points wise, […]

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Marlies Host

We sat huddled in an office for hours.

I’m not kidding. Imagine four adults clustered around one monitor, pouring over 28 video submissions, making notes on each. I sat closer to my colleagues than I’d like to admit.

It’s not an easy task to narrow down the search and draw closer to choosing the Marlies next host. We watched many of the applications again, some even a third time. Unfortunately, though, this was not a search for the Marlies next team of hosts, or collective hosting group.

After the powers-at-be studied pitch and […]

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Toronto v Florida - Matt Frattin

We’ve narrowed down all of your entries to the top-ten. Vote on your favourite using the Marlies.ca poll on the homepage until Friday, when the leading entry will be chosen.

I’ve got the itch.

I remember this feeling. Following my first year, in which the team had failed to make the post-season, it set in by early May. It was nearly five months of scratching.

Now after experiencing one of the AHL’s two longest 2011/12 campaigns, and subsequent recovery, I’m getting the itch to be back. Back to early mornings at the rink, […]

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AHL Logo

I call it the social revolution.

Myspace helped it; Facebook secured it; and Twitter has continued to evolve it.

I remember when the @TorontoMarlies account had just a few hundred followers. A year ago the Twitter stream had a little more than 5,000. Today the Marlies launched their Instagram account announcing it to 18,625 tweeps. Times are definitely changing.

It was decided that the initial search for a new Marlies in-game host would be conducted almost completely through social means by introducing the #MarliesHost hashtag for entrants to include in a tweet when […]

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Dylan Yeo

Withdrawal can refer to any sort of separation, but is most commonly used to describe the group of symptoms that occurs upon the abrupt discontinuation/separation.

Well if that’s the case, I’m definitely in withdrawal.

It’s been six weeks into an offseason that has felt quieter than normal. Perhaps it was the excitement of eight straight months of puck. Maybe I’m feeling the low after knowing the Calder Cup was only four wins away for the Toronto team. Or likely, I – like everyone else – am missing the steady stream of news […]

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331 Dave Poulin

I’ve always enjoyed asking questions.

I remember an Anne Murray song from when I was a kid titled “Why, Why, Why?” The song is a conversation between a mother and daughter, where the little one asks some of the incredible questions that we all pondered when we were five.

It includes golden nuggets such as “why can’t a mouse eat a streetcar,” and “why can’t a cow have kittens?” When finally asked why her questions weren’t being answered, Anne answers honestly “Because I don’t know the answers, good night good night.”

Perhaps I […]

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