Highlight of the Night: Wilson Sprung


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@trhasan :: at Ricoh Collesium seeing the @TorontoMarlies play the Bulldogs to celebrate my 22nd birthday. #letsgomarlies

@AgeWorX :: What a beat down delivered by orr…best fight i have seen all season

@Swainer13 :: I think it’s going to get scrappy here in the 3rd. Tempers are boiling over. #letsgomarlies

@Jonzey17 :: Gotta pick it up here boys! Didnt drive all this way for a loss! #letsgomarlies

@pbradone7nine :: Out of the sin bin and into the highlight reel! Wilson makes a beauty out of a beast.#Marlies make ...

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Home sweet home. The words ring true for the Toronto Marlies who have been road warriors this season. Aside from enjoying a stellar home record (18-6-3-1) the players who make up the Marlies are likely just grateful to have some time in their own bed. As Toronto finishes their season high ten game home stand, here’s a look back to some of the places they have been and the km’s the bus tires have burned up on the AHL highway thus far.

Toronto to Panama and back. Over twelve thousand four ...

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Highlight of the Night : Scott’s Snipe


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@AmandaYu19 :: Wow, the @TorontoMarlies sure are off to a quick start with the 1-0 lead! #letsgoMarlies

@desmondrose3 :: Watching the #Marlies game, Kadri looks great, year in the minors looks to be working wonders for him #TMLtalk

@MarliesSpartan :: the flood gates are WIDE open. #Marlies up 3-0. #letsgomarlies

@ANight92 :: Rosehill/Orr – Wilson and Acton on the same line together…..I predict a penalty filled game #Marlies

@NotoriousSez :: The Bruise Brothers! Orr and Roadkill.

@JE_Iannicello :: Fitzgerald was holding onto Orr’s leg in turtle mode. I ...

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Highlight of the Night: Orr Flattens Griffin


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@LeafsgirlSteph :: #LetsGoMarlies I wanna hear folks from Ricoh Colliseum at home

@discoposse :: First blood by Kadri. @TorontoMarlies at 1:04. Sweet!

@JE_Iannicello :: Nazem says ‘CALL ME UP!’ as he scores quickly in the first! 1-0 #Marlies

@ReMaxAllStar :: Colton Orr adds some spice to the game by taking out a couple of Griffins! #letsgomarlies

@MarliesSpartan :: Grand rapids scores and takes the lead 2-1 over the #Marlies. Time to dig deep for the W. #letsgomarlies

@cookwithnikki :: So many penalties?!? Nooooooo!!!!! The @TorontoMarlies need their guys ...

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Highlight of the Night: Hamilton’s 20th of the Season


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@JulieEms27 :: At the Marlies Game! Let’s Go Marlies Let’s Go! St.Johns is going down

@wojtek_3x20pl :: Let’s go #Marlies! greetings from Poland!

@NadineStrong :: At the game now. Seats along the glass. AWESOME!!!!

@rowdy_busch18 :: 1-0 badguys in a game laking pace so far. So many whistles in the first 3 minutes. #LetsGoMarlies

@Kat2323x :: Ha @Matt_Frattin saying he wouldn’t want to get into a fight with Jay Rosehill? #LoveJay #20Questions #Marlies

@OakleyInc :: Captain Ryan Hamilton will have 30 by ...

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Highlight of the Night: Marlies vs Bulldogs Line Brawl


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@iamcunhaa :: marlies game with the boys! #letsgomarlies

@NeilAnthonyLive :: Beauty goal by Dupuis @torontomarlies up 2-0 over the Bulldogs #letsgomarlies

@E_Freeds :: Aulie v Henry was teased but D’Amigo v Schultz the main event. Schultz is tougher when Neuber ain’t in the lineup #Marlies

@AnthonyStelll :: I like this French connection line for the #Marlies Dupuis-Deschamps (Laval-Delson)

@blueyed7 :: Note to self: I am banned from going to the @TorontoMarlies vs Bulldogs games. They beat them when I’m not there

@cookwithnikki :: The gloves keep ...

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