Marlies Heat Scrum

When a club is absolutely terrible while either up or down a man, is it really fair to refer to it as a ‘special’ team?

In one playoff game during the 2008 Western Conference Finals, the Marlies allowed four powerplay goals against. Not that special at all.

During that 2008 glory run the penalty kill limped along at a 77.3% kill rate. The powerplay didn’t help much, converting on only 11.4% of the chances. It is now a little more apparent why it took the full 14 ...

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Greg Scott

Like you, I’ve spent a good number of hours pouring over statistics.

I’m talking every digit you could imagine.

From rookie season goal totals to penalty minutes in major junior. I’ve allowed my eyes to peruse plus/minus ratings in the playoffs and average ice time during NHL stints. I’ve compared face-off stats, penalty kill rates and goals scored while four-on-four.

One digit I cannot find ranked in a column, however, is that of chemistry. It’s an unquantifiable bond that propels lines to heights greater than ...

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The Toronto Marlies can find strength in many of the stellar numbers they have put forth this playoff run, however, it is one number that stands out..that of the penalty kill. That penalty killing number is more than a stat, it illustrates strength through unity – the penalty killing unit.

As promised, content out of round 2 would appear in this blog and when looking back on the series victory that was over Abbotsford (in 4-1 fashion) the pk results are staggering. Toronto last gave up a power play goal in ...

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As we head into the Marlies opening game of the second round of Calder Cup playoff action against the Abbotsford Heat, I thought it was a good time to play a little game called ‘When’s the Last Time.’

It’s pretty simple, actually. I will rhetorically ask a question starting with ‘when’s the last time…’ and then post the answer. There’s really nothing to it. And since – much like a grade 11 math textbook – the answer is provided for your reading pleasure, it means all of ...

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As broadcasters sometimes we are guilty of re-hashing points that may have already stood out to the fans taking in our banter. As you may have guessed by the title of this blog, I intend to bring up obvious points about the Marlies first round sweep of the Rochester Americans. The difference is, this time I am giving you advanced notice and it is very worthwhile to take a look back at how Toronto moved through the conference quarter finals in historical fashion.

Clutch Scoring

The Marlies proved that the regular season ...

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Looking back on a fantastic regular season campaign during the 2011-2012 season for the Toronto Marlies, here are a list of 76 positive points (one for every game played) for the year in which the team recorded 96 in the standings.

In no particular order…

1. Finished as North Division Champions

2. Finished with the lowest goals against in the AHL with 175

3. Gave themselves the chance to finish first in the conference (missed by only 4 pts)

4. 44 win season most since 07-08 when that club recorded 50 (also finished 2nd in ...

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