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I call it the social revolution.

Myspace helped it; Facebook secured it; and Twitter has continued to evolve it.

I remember when the @TorontoMarlies account had just a few hundred followers. A year ago the Twitter stream had a little more than 5,000. Today the Marlies launched their Instagram account announcing it to 18,625 tweeps. Times are definitely changing.

It was decided that the initial search for a new Marlies in-game host would be conducted almost completely through social means by introducing the #MarliesHost hashtag for entrants to include in a tweet when ...

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Dylan Yeo

Withdrawal can refer to any sort of separation, but is most commonly used to describe the group of symptoms that occurs upon the abrupt discontinuation/separation.

Well if that’s the case, I’m definitely in withdrawal.

It’s been six weeks into an offseason that has felt quieter than normal. Perhaps it was the excitement of eight straight months of puck. Maybe I’m feeling the low after knowing the Calder Cup was only four wins away for the Toronto team. Or likely, I – like everyone else – am missing the steady stream of news ...

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331 Dave Poulin

I’ve always enjoyed asking questions.

I remember an Anne Murray song from when I was a kid titled “Why, Why, Why?” The song is a conversation between a mother and daughter, where the little one asks some of the incredible questions that we all pondered when we were five.

It includes golden nuggets such as “why can’t a mouse eat a streetcar,” and “why can’t a cow have kittens?” When finally asked why her questions weren’t being answered, Anne answers honestly “Because I don’t know the answers, good night good night.”

Perhaps I ...

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Calgary Stampede - Ben Scrivens

I think it’s time for a little off-season update.

After the long run to the Calder Cup finals, the Marlies parted ways and headed back to their respective home towns. For a few, like defenceman Simon Gysbers and hard-nosed forward Will Acton, it meant only a trip up highway 404.

Others, like #feardabeard zealot Jerry D’Amigo, headed south across the border to their States-side home while still more ventured to western Canada, like netminder Ben Scrivens, who most likely drove his Chevy pickup all the way home. Knowing the Spruce Grove, Alberta, ...

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NHL Rookie Tournament - Korbinian Holzer

Hard work pays off.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t just make that up. Those words have proven true for long before even I was born.

If you were sitting beside me as I work away on this latest post, your eyes couldn’t help but catch sight of the large display of sports DVDs sitting on my shelf. The collection spans fictional movies with Hollywood A-listers cast in lead roles, an assortment of based-on-true stories – again with Hollywood A-listers cast in lead roles, as well as a ...

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Toronto Marlies - Matt Finn and Connor Brown

The basis of almost every great movie is friendship.

Think of it: Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future; Buzz and Woody in Toy Story; Stanley Ipkiss and Milo in The Mask; The Fantastic Four; the whole clan in The Goonies – I could go at this for hours.

When asked to write short stories in elementary school, I always cast my best friends in leading roles. All of us drove around in Dodge Vipers and solved cottage mysteries (listen, I never said they were any good). The idea ...

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