Toronto - Nazem Kadri, Greg Scott, Ryan Hamilton

With the Royal road trip well under way, the Marlies turn to Texas to start stringing together some serious wins.

Houston’s first up. Perhaps it’s a good thing. Toronto was two for two against the Aeros last season. In fact, in their game this time last year Mark Owuya made his first AHL start. After allowing an early goal and perhaps shaking some of the nerves, the Marlies notched six straight tallies. Rookie Matt Frattin potted the overtime winner.

This time around, their meeting comes on a Thursday night with a 8pm ...

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TORivals - Hamilton


Been working on yet another new project.

Rivals: Marlies/Bulldogs looks at one of the best AHL battles rooted deep in the NHL’s history. Reflecting on decades of Leafs & Habs feuds, leading up through the success of their affiliates while in Toronto and Hamilton, all culminating in this season’s Boxing Day Classic taking place between the Marlies and Bulldogs at ACC on December 26th.

Walking us through this rivalry is Ryan Hamilton, Mike Zigomanis, Nazem Kadri, Sylvain Lefebvre, Zack Stortini and of course this guy….

One of the neatest things I discovered ...

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Toronto vs Abbotsford - Mike Zigomanis

It would be the greatest understatement of the season thus far if I simply said last night didn’t end the way the Marlies had hoped.

After a pair of outstanding saves from Ben Scrivens and a goal by Leo Komarov that was waived off, the Marlies must have still felt momentum heading into the third. Unfortunately two goals in three seconds dictated a different outcome.

After a heartbreaking loss, however, I received one of the most reassuring tweets from @CVS521 :

I chuckled.

So back at it for the second against Abbotsford in as many ...

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Toronto vs Abbotsford - Nazem Kadri

When I think of the Abbotsford Heat, do you want to know what I think of?

I recall three straight seasons the Marlies closed out against their west coast rival, two without a hope of the post-season.

I remember Greg Scott notching his his first career hat-trick in Abbotsford.

Above all, I am taken back to the very moment the Marlies new they were heading to the conference finals; having scored an overtime goal to take their fourth straight against the Heat. In a recent chat with Mike Zigomanis, the goal scorer, he ...

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AHL Toronto vs Hamilton - Will Acton

For the third time in eight days the Toronto Marlies go toe to toe with Hamilton, instilling in the 40 on the ice and the countless watching that the AHL battle of Ontario is alive and well.

I feel like I should parade around the ring holding a sign with a giant ‘3’ painted in bold lettering. After all, the referee’s whistle to start the game is close enough to the ringing of the bell.

The Marlies make their second trip to Hamilton in this fledgling season, accounting for the only games ...

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Kenny Ryan

So here we go, one more game and we will have all made it through our first three-in-three of the season. The more of these I experience, the more respect I gain for the players.

Thankfully for us all, this is one of only five this season. So we’re 20% of the way through.

Sunday brings with it a game against the Grand Rapids Griffins – AHL affiliate to the Detroit Red Wings. This is one of four meetings between the two clubs, half as many as last season as the Griffins ...

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