Felix Beargartner

Nothing says Christmas like a stuffed bear leaping from the arms of a full grown man, over the boards in a local hockey rink, and plummeting down on to the frozen playing surface below.

Amidst a sea of amigos, Felix Beargartner made his leap on Sunday when Greg McKegg scored the Marlies first goal against the Abbotsford Heat.

Witness the leap of the bear.

All bears are donated to local charities to be distributed throughout the Christmas season. Thanks to all who brought their furry friends down and offered them off […]

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You Can Play Pledge

We are witnessing something extremely special.

The Toronto Marlies received overwhelming attention when the team came together to release their You Can Play pledge video. Players joined together and committed to a single resolve, to make their rink, their locker room, their home a place free from racist, homophobic and sexist language.

In a spirit that I can only describe as being ‘entirely Canadian’ – that of support, encouragement and unity – those in attendance at Ricoh Coliseum over the weekend offered […]

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Toronto vs Abbotsford - Nazem Kadri

Sunday’s a big game for the Toronto team.

The gap between the Marlies and the first place Heat has continued to narrow. Toronto is now only four points back of Abbotsford and a game with a four point swing (the outcome either shrinking the gap to two points or widening it to six) a favourable end could bring the Marlies within spitting distance of the conference’s top spot.

Although the Abbotsford Heat are no feeble foe – two Toronto losses in British Columbia would attest to that – the divisional adversary has […]

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Felix Beartgartner

After a promo like that, what more is there to say?

The cameras will follow Felix Beargartner around on Sunday December 9th as he prepares to leap from the crowd, up and over the boards and onto the playing surface.

Tune in to Leafs TV starting at 3pm for full coverage and check out Marlies.ca in the days to come for a full behind the scenes look at Felix’s stunt.

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Toronto vs Rochester - Nicolas Deschamps, Mike Zigomanis

I have always found interest in the ebbs and flows of a season. The way the same group of 20 men can climb to such highs and no sooner be forced to face what at times seems to be a complete turn of luck.

Even more intriguing than the ritualistic ups and downs are the nuances of the game completely out of the control of those who make up the team.

Miles traveled, back heavy schedules, hyperactive three-in-three weekends and long rest periods all add to the drama of a […]

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It was a tremendously successful weekend for the Marlies, who played 3 games in 3 days. We-ll both review and preview in the latest edition of the Pre Game Meal blog, so I hope you’re hungry!


Last week I was hoping to speak to you about career win number 126 for Dallas Eakins behind the Marlies bench, by the time the weekend was through. Sure enough, following 3 straight games, Eakins has surpassed Greg Gilbert for all-time wins by a Marlie coach in Toronto franchise history. For Eakins, however, it is […]

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