Kids are small. This is not a revelation but we often don’t see them because they are small. Except if you see the Marlies walk to and from their dressing room during games. The players and coaches are all great at connecting with the youngest fans. So how come everything that gets written get written for the typical, older, sports fan? Lets try and rectify that.

It’s a crazy thing to try and write for kids. It’s one of those things that is simple and complicated at the same time. Finding a template seems the best way to go.

Tyler the Tank Engine? The Very Hungry Broll-erpillar? Biggs Bear Biggs Bear, What do you See? None of it seemed right, then Dr. Seuss came to mind. Holzer Hears a Who? Granberg and Ham? The Cat in the Hat Trick? Oh, The Places you’ll Yeo? The Leiv-ax? So many choices but this Crock in Socks offers this to the youngest Marlie fans for bedtime reading. So with apologies to the genre:


One Marlie Two Marlie Blue Marlie White Marlie


You can hear the other teams beg.


Don’t you play that Greg McKegg.


He races, he shoots, he hits our wings. He doesn’t miss a single thing.


They will beg, oh they will beg, but the man named Spott will play Greg McKegg.


The man named Spott plays Greg McKegg. He plays Greg McKegg on his two legs.


Two legs that skate as fast as a fleezer. What is a fleezer? No one knows. But if


anyone knows it’s Dylan Yeo. Yeo ho ho, the Yeosie sings, and he sings for anything.


He sings high and he sings low and he sings at Josh Leivo.


Oh my gosh! There shoots Josh, into the net, a goal he gets.


Down the middle comes Kenny Ryan, in front of the puck he goes flyin’


It hits him here, it hits him there, Kenny will stop them anywhere.


The man named Spott wants some speed, on the ice he has a need.


Over the boards The Kozy leaps, and into the zone he goes deep.


Along with The Kozy comes one D’Amigo though he seems like three saying,


‘Here’s where we go!’ To the net, to the net and he’ll find the puck I bet.


I will hit them to the boards, I will take the puck and score.


I will sometimes, offer a punch, I will offer a punch if you take my lunch.


I do so like to the lower the bam, I do like it, says Sam I Am.


Lead on MacDub! says the man named Spott, he has a lot of what we got.


MacDub crashes and bangs and rocks, the other team, right out of their socks.


When the man named Spott who isn’t short of a Gord wants to say he isn’t bored, he


asks that goals run like rabbits and so he asks for Spencer Abbott.


A Kinger likes Abber to make the play and to make the play he likes T.J.


T.J. he plays and plays and plays and on the ice he likes to stay.


He comes out early with some Sparks, to fling and fly on a lark.


The Two Smittys are the happy Dads and as the Dads they are glad, to be on the ice


and in the rink though one has blue and the other one pink.


Peter and Carter are Marlies and Buds and when they are here they cause a flood, of


goals and assists and assists and goals and they like to say, ‘Release the Broll!’.


Percy he hardly says a word but on the ice is where he is heard, from end to end and


side to side he always finds a place to slide.


And when the game gets kind of harshy, the man named Spott likes his Marshy.


Marshy likes to play with grit and that is just the end of it.


If it gets worse and if it gets bad then the man named Spott likes his Brads.


The Brads they like to have some fun and there is no mistaking Brad Two for Brad One


Brad One and Brad Two

When the man named Spott starts to see a fire he always wants a MacIntyre.


The Marlies they all like their Drew, The Drew is as good as having a Blezoo.


Blezoo’s are big and you would be a fan, but they aren’t as big as Jamie Devane…or


Frazer McLaren on Knodel’s shoulders but they are as tough as boulder. A boulder


is a giant rock and I’ve run out of rhymes says The Crock.


Now if your kids aren’t asleep, they will at least want to get to a game.




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