In my five seasons covering the Marlies, I don’t think I have ever seen anything that came close to today’s game versus Hamilton.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some crazy things in my time.

There was the running over of James Reimer and subsequent four goal third period to lead the Marlies past the Senators in November 2009. I also remember a nutty third period against the Grand Rapids Griffins, one that saw more penalty minutes in the final ten minutes than some teams see in a month.

But this Saturday afternoon match on Sportsnet – perhaps a seemingly perfect storm – created a wild game at Ricoh. I feel I would need hours of time to aptly describe how this game unfolded, but for both of our sake I’ll stick to just a few video highlights.

1: Two Goals in 13 Seconds

After Leo Komarov gave the Marlies an early 1-0 lead in the first, all could see the Marlies were out for revenge after last night’s loss in Hamilton. The team was clicking 5-on-5, on the powerplay and even when short a man on the penalty kill. Mark Fraser’s goal, setup beautifully by captain Ryan Hamilton, marked the beginning of the most exciting 13 seconds I can remember seeing at Ricoh.

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2: Stortini Gets Two, Five and a Game

We all have our players we love, and we all have our players we love to hate. Although having been born up north, Zack Stortini and I shared the same home town through our teen years. We went to the same highschool, and he played for the hockey team I was never good enough to make. I’ve heard he is rather difficult to play against on the ice. I’m afraid this series of second period events doesn’t exactly add to his reputation.

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3: Joe Colborne Drops the Mitts

It’s not every day Joe Colborne drops the gloves, although it has happened on occasion. I’ve seen the towering centre shed the gauntlets after an intense battle in the corner or scrum in front of the bench. But never before have I ever seen him lose the gloves and bare the knuckles right off the face-off… well, that is of course until Saturday. Which figures. Everything seemed to happen in this game.

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4: Ben Scrivens Pins Gallagher

Why not throw in some goalie action? After all, this game had everything else. Ben Scrivens – who had been run badly in the second period – decides in the game’s final frame that enough is enough. After constant aggravation in his crease long after the play had left the Marlies zone, the netminder pinned his man to the ice. The most entertaining part of this clip is perhaps Paul Ranger trying to remove the Bulldogs forward from under the goalie… by dragging him by the foot.

YouTube Preview Image

Four videos. Four wild moments.

It proves without question that the battle between the two AHL rivals – whose deep seeded competition is rooted deep in the history between the Leafs and Canadiens – is as intense as ever. This certainly sets up an interesting rematch between the two clubs when they meet next for the Boxing Day Classic at ACC.

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