First up, isn’t this pic incredible? It’s from a while ago, but it’s so good it is definitely worth reusing.

By now you probably know that the Marlies defeated the San Antonio Rampage on Saturday night in impressive fashion. Twice the team trailed by two goals, but first of the year tallies from Colborne, Scott, Kadri and D’Amigo lead the club to a 5-3 victory and a sweep of the Texan leg of this Royal roadie.

Now, had you not been online Saturday what you likely missed was the friendly beaking that escaped the ice surface and found its way to the official team accounts of the Marlies and Rampage. To be clear this wasn’t trolling, but rather the competitive exchanges that often go on when two groups look for a singularly exclusive outcome.

I got a kick out of it. Let me know what you think. Here’s Saturday’s beakfest, in a series of tweets:

(Andre Deveaux is a former Marlies forward)

(Toronto defeated the Rampage in seven games to open the playoffs that year)


So, what did you think? Yay or nay? Glove tap to Kristian Limas, media relations for San Antonio.

For your response, I offer you a gift. Saturday’s highlights. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


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