Marlies vs. Bulldogs - Sept. 28

The Marlies finished off the preseason with a 2-1 victory over the Hamilton Bulldogs on Saturday evening at the Cobourg Community Centre. With the win, the Marlies have gone undefeated in the preseason.

Sam Carrick opened the scoring for the Marlies at 13:14 in the first period. Wade MacLeod scored just over 4 minutes later to give the Marlies the 2-0 lead with his second goal of the preseason. Hamilton’s Patrick Holland would score in the third on a powerplay to cut the Marlies lead in half but the Marlies would hang on for the win.

The rough stuff continued tonight and started in the 1st period with a tilt between Stefan Fournier and Kevin Marshall. Jason Beattie and Justin Courtnall dropped the gloves in the second, while Tyler Biggs and Nathan McIver exchanged pleasantries in the third period.

Next up for the Marlies, the Marlies will open up the 2013-14 season at home versus the Grand Rapids Griffins. Tickets can be purchased online here or by calling 416-597-PUCK (7825). Tickets start as low as $10* in advance and the first 5000 fans will receive a magnetic schedule.

Scoring Summary:

1st Period:
TOR – Sam Carrick – (Ross, Blacker) – 13:14
TOR – Wade MacLeod (Unassisted) – 17:30

2nd Period:
No Scoring

3rd Period:
HAM – Patrick Holland – (Drew Schiestel) – 9:25


  • Sam Carrick, Kevin Marshall and Dylan Yeo wore the A’s for the Marlies.
  • The Marlies went 0-for-4 on the powerplay
  • Garret Sparks started in goal while Christopher Gibson took over midway through the second period.
  • 3 Stars: 3) Petter Granberg, 2) Wade MacLeod, 1) Sam Carrick

Todd Crocker caught up with the team post-game below.

Steve Spott:


Sam Carrick:


Wade MacLeod:


*Based on tickets in the Toronto Star Zone purchased online in advance.

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