Highlight of the Night: Hamilton’s 20th of the Season


Top Tweets:

@JulieEms27 :: At the Marlies Game! Let’s Go Marlies Let’s Go! St.Johns is going down 🙂

@wojtek_3x20pl :: Let’s go #Marlies! 🙂 greetings from Poland!

@NadineStrong :: At the game now. Seats along the glass. AWESOME!!!!

@rowdy_busch18 :: 1-0 badguys in a game laking pace so far. So many whistles in the first 3 minutes. #LetsGoMarlies

@Kat2323x :: Ha @Matt_Frattin saying he wouldn’t want to get into a fight with Jay Rosehill? #LoveJay #20Questions #Marlies

@OakleyInc :: Captain Ryan Hamilton will have 30 by seasons end – bank on it

@MarkUKLeaf :: #CaptainClutch Ryan Hamilton Scores! #Marlies tie it at 1-1 #LetsGoMarlies #Win100ForDallas

@KF_Kadri43 :: I gotta get myself to a #Marlies game soon! Hard to cheer #LetsGoMarlies from home.

@redheadednomad :: Not the result we wanted, but kudos to thr guys for a valiant effort #letsgomarlies


Photo from the Stands c/o: @leyleymackenzie

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