Highlight of the Night: Blacker’s First Pro Goal


Top Tweets:

@GOLEAFSGO9317 :: So PROUD @JBlacker91 of My @TorontoMarlies cause he got his 1st career goal,had a BEAUTY hit too,this kids gonna be Special GO #Marlies GO

@justntime33 :: Congrats @JBlacker91 on your first pro goal many more to come #sickprospect #Leafs #Marlies

@corecorina :: Yay!! I just did human slingshot bowling at the @TorontoMarlies game with @banchezmo hahaha

@MarkUKLeaf :: Scrivens doing his best work to keep #Marlies up 2-1 in the 2nd period. #LetsGoMarlies

@Swainer13 :: Scrivens with a HUGE save. #letsgomarlies

@kylaalyk :: #letsgomarlies loving my first marlies experience! Enjoying it with mom and dad.

@AnthonyStelll :: Aulie and Blacker and a future NHL D pair. #Marlies

@SteveBurch :: that’s interesting – remember how until recently the #Leafs hadn’t lost a game if up entering the 3rd period? #Marlies still haven’t.

@Shane__Kelly :: #Marlies lose in OT on the PK. Deserved a better fate but there’s always next game.


Photo from the Stands c/o: @cookwithnikki

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