Highlight of the Night: Marlies vs Bulldogs Line Brawl


Top Tweets:

@iamcunhaa :: marlies game with the boys! #letsgomarlies

@NeilAnthonyLive :: Beauty goal by Dupuis @torontomarlies up 2-0 over the Bulldogs #letsgomarlies

@E_Freeds :: Aulie v Henry was teased but D’Amigo v Schultz the main event. Schultz is tougher when Neuber ain’t in the lineup #Marlies

@AnthonyStelll :: I like this French connection line for the #Marlies Dupuis-Deschamps (Laval-Delson)

@blueyed7 :: Note to self: I am banned from going to the @TorontoMarlies vs Bulldogs games. They beat them when I’m not there

@cookwithnikki :: The gloves keep coming off today!!!! #Marlies #Bulldogs

@jasonkogan :: holy action packed game batman! And by action I mean punching!! Fight fight fight! #letsgomarlies

@AlexMTU101 :: best game ever chilling with my friends 4/1 good game I’m proud be be in toronto 🙂 #teammarlies

@leyleymackenzie :: Whattafight!!!!!!! @TorontoMarlies #Letsgomarlies


Photo from the Stands c/o: @nosnikta13

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