Highlight of the Night: Wilson Sprung


Top Tweets:

@trhasan :: at Ricoh Collesium seeing the @TorontoMarlies play the Bulldogs to celebrate my 22nd birthday. #letsgomarlies

@AgeWorX :: What a beat down delivered by orr…best fight i have seen all season

@Swainer13 :: I think it’s going to get scrappy here in the 3rd. Tempers are boiling over. #letsgomarlies

@Jonzey17 :: Gotta pick it up here boys! Didnt drive all this way for a loss! #letsgomarlies

@pbradone7nine :: Out of the sin bin and into the highlight reel! Wilson makes a beauty out of a beast.#Marlies make it even. #letsgomarlies

@Dropinlogic :: Sick goal!!! #LetsgoMarlies

@rachelriley12 :: So much energy in the Ricoh after the beauty #Marlies goal! #musictomyears #letsgomarlies

@LeafsFanMike17 :: Awesome that @mikezigomanis scored the OT winner tonight & he got the Empty net last night. Watch out AHL Ziggys on a tear! #LetsGoMarlies!

@omgitzkay :: YES ZIGGY!!! Another great moment in a great season! #letsgomarlies

@Willy_ash :: nice comeback by the boyz! That’s what u call playing buzzer 2 buzzer! #letsgomarlies


Photo from the Stands c/o: @AliciaMakeItUp

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