Highlight of the Night: Acton’s Game Winner

Top Tweets:

@kylemcdesign :: Back at one of my favorite places on earth. #GodILoveThisSport #letsgomarlies

@Austin_Ahrens :: At the marlies game with my mom and pete #letsgomarlies

@ReMaxAllStar :: Holy smokes!! @TorontoMarlies have Kadri, Colbourne, Frattin, Zigomanis and Holzer on the PP!

@pbradone7nine :: @TorontoMarlies shaping up to be a battle of the goalies. My wish is to have Jerry OMG’Amigo be the first to light the lamp #letsgomarlies

@thelumberchick :: From row 2 that was a good goal! #letsgomarlies #letsgomarlies #93

@Candice127 :: It makes me sad to see @43_Kadri in hockey jail #letsgomarlies

@cookwithnikki :: What?!? 2-2 … #letsgomarlies!

@MarliesSpartan :: the #Marlies strike back with two of their own with the 2nd from Frattin. #letsgomarlies

@rallycap_andy :: hoping for a Frat-trick!

@Jeffler :: Acton drops the mitts, and throws his opponent into the #Marlies bench. Awesome.


Photo From the Stands c/o: @CharityChick85

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