On Friday Dallas Eakins earned his 124th victory as head coach of the Toronto Marlies surpassing Greg Gilbert in all-time wins as the team’s bench boss.


Eakins turned around a league-worst penalty kill into a three-year contender for number one. He lead the Marlies to their very first Calder Cup appearance. And most important, he has done so with a young group of men. Many of whom were handpicked by management in the draft to be formed into the Maple Leafs of the future.

Admired by his team, respected by the media and well received by his peers. Eakins requests a commitment no greater than he is prepared to give – one to his family, his team, and to his body (he maintains himself in tremendous physical condition).

It is of great reward to the franchise that they get to ink Dallas Eakins’ name in their record books. I am yet to meet a coach with greater strength of character.

Congratulations, coach. Here’s to 124 more.

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