When something becomes very complicated there are always people willing to create a correlation that simplifies it so everyone might understand it. Often times, of course it becomes so simplified that people misconstrue what the original intent of the information was. Take the Big Mac index; originally created by The Economist newspaper to help people understand worldwide currency value. It has been hijacked by commentators the world over to show how expensive goods and services might be in another country.

The Marlies have an abundance of Macs. Anywhere else all these solitary Macs would have their own nickname firmly established as simply being ‘Mac’. Even if you’re an Mc, you’re almost bound to be a Mac. Actually the Mc version is just a short form of Mac, you know, because someone ran out of the letter a at the printing press one day in Scotland or Ireland.

It all became a little complicated in the dressing room this season.

Simplification and clarity was needed.

Wade McLeod? Clouder. Greg McKegg? Kegger. Though really with a name like that and being a young guy, it was always going to be Kegger.  Andrew MacWilliam? Macker. When you have 11 years in pro hockey you get to keep MAC as has Drew MacIntyre.

This plethora of Macs gave rise to another informal conversation with Jamie Devane at the Hall of Fame. There are some great nicknames from the way back world of hockey. Much better than the less than imaginative ones of today that either add an ‘ee’ sound or an ‘rrr’ sound or take away one or the other. The Marlies are filled with Stauber, Holzee, Granny, Abber, etc. Ironically Devane has a good nickname in Diesel. Hard not to like David Broll’s, Dozer as in The Brolldozer but it isn’t an everyday, ‘Hey Brolldozer, where are my shower shoes?’ kind of thing. Though to be fair, I don’t think people walked around L.A. calling Marcel Dionne, Little Beaver.

It looked as if the Marlies would get relief from their complicated Mac-inations. Drew MacIntryre was called up to the Leafs. Then Frazer McLaren was found in the roster last week. And Drew MacIntyre may yet return. Don’t even slide Bob McGill, Marlies Colour Commentator into the mix because they call him Big Daddy. That’s a lot of Macs. Makes you wonder why the computer behemoth hasn’t been knocking down the sponsorship door, or at the very least the apple farmers.

I suppose this all makes some bit of nickname sense. Maculation is the act of spotting. Yes ‘MAC’ ulation is the act of ‘Spott’ ing, you read that right.

We won’t even start on the Smith/Smithson, Smitty problem.

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